How It Works

For Students: Easily Find a Tutor You Can Trust

  1. Search
  2. Finding a tutor through Tutor Path is easy. Conduct a search on the home page or after logging into your account. Just type in the subject you want to learn about and enter your zip code to find local tutors in your area.

  3. Choose a Tutor Within Your Network
  4. The tutors displayed within the search results are derived from your own social network of friends and contacts. To ensure an even higher level of credibility, all tutors have the option to complete the verification process. Compare rates, class dates, available seats, reviews and ratings to find the best tutor for you.

  5. Book Your Session
  6. Reserve your class in 4 easy steps.

  7. Rate Your Experience
  8. Let others know how your experience was by reviewing your tutor! Did you love your experience? Do you think an aspect of your session or class could have been improved? It is important for the Tutor Path community to recognize outstanding tutors that can help students achieve growth and success.

For Tutors: Increase Tutoring Frequency and Earning Potential with Tutor Path

  1. Create Your Profile
  2. After logging in through Facebook, you can continue personalizing your profile by adding your education, experience, references and summary. Putting a face to a name is even better – make potential students feel even more comfortable by including photos and videos. Don’t forget to go through the verification process in order to increase your trustworthiness!

  3. Schedule Classes
  4. It takes just a few minutes to set the class dates, times and location. Add as many classes as you can handle and choose your own hourly rate! Listings are always free and can be shared across multiple social channels.

  5. Receive Payments
  6. Tutor Path does not deduct fees or limit usage. Each payment is transferred in full directly from a student’s PayPal account to yours.