About Us

Our Belief:

Searching for a tutor should be a trusting and personalized experience.

That’s why Tutor Path gives you the ability to search your social network connections to find the best tutor within various subjects and disciplines. These tutors offer online or private lessons in various subjects such as sports, academics and music.

Our Idea:

A quality tutoring resource utilizing the benefits of social media

Put an end to skimming random profiles of strangers! The tutors you find on Tutor Path are all connected to you in some way; whether it is a direct connection through LinkedIn, or a friend of a friend from another social site.

Our Promise to You:

Carrying out our mission is important to us, but also beneficial for tutors and students using Tutor Path. We value the success of our tutoring network by supplying you with a completely free platform with the most credible and individualized experienced.

Welcome to the Tutor Path community!